Alongside a daily yoga practice, other therapies can have a powerful recuperative effect on the wellness and vitality of your mind and body. The following selection of professional massages and treatments are available at our centre:


Indian head massage 25 mins 27€
Blissfully Relaxing massage 50 mins 40€
Reiki 50 mins 40€
Reflexology 50 mins 40€
Advanced clinical and Myofascial release massage 50 mins 47€
Aromatherapy massage 50 mins 47€
Hot wax massage 50 mins 54€
Relaxing Massage 75 mins 60€
Advanced clinical and Myofascial release massage 75 mins 67€
Myofascial treatment 75 mins 67€
Myofascial release massage treatment 100 mins 87€
Advanced clinical massage fascial treatment 100 mins 87€

Payments for all the above should be made directly to the providers in Euros.

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